Peru wins gold at Chinese Tourism Welcome Award 2023

2023-05-23 18:15 출처: PROMPERÚ

LIMA, Perú--(뉴스와이어)--Peru was awarded with gold at the Chinese Tourist Welcome (CTW) awards ceremony, held in the city of Guangzhou.

This prize rewards the efforts of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) to attract high-spending Chinese travelers, mainly the segment of independent travelers.

Peru maintained focus in this important market during the pandemic and opted for long-term destination positioning work, especially through the digital video platforms that potential Chinese travelers consume.

As a result, two projects developed by PROMPERÚ obtained recognition from the CTW awards: the 2021 Chinese New Year Campaign and the Alpaca WeChat Livestream carried out the same year.

The New Year Campaign (‘My Memories of Peru’) promoted the regions of Lima, Ica, Loreto, Cusco, Puno and Arequipa. This campaign was launched for the post-pandemic Chinese travelers, motivating their future trip while reinforcing ties of trust and sending a message that Chinese tourists are always welcome in Peru.

The Alpaca WeChat Livestream was broadcasted from Cusco through Tencent WeChat, PROMPERÚ WeChat and Zhejiang OTV platforms and lasted 04 hours. The Chinese audience enjoyed the Andean sunrise, the impressive landscapes of Pacchanta and the Sacred Valley where alpacas and llamas were grazing freely, with the snow-capped Ausangate as a magnificent backdrop. The richness of the ancient Andean culture and the diversity of Peruvian superfoods, such as quinoa, chia and native potatoes, were also showcased. Also, the precious alpaca fiber was exhibited in order to boost the interest of Chinese consumers in Peruvian textiles.

CTW Awards

The CTW Award is organized by COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute since 2004. COTRI is a recognized institution in China and worldwide related to the Chinese outbound travel market.

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